AZITA "Glen Echo"

AZITA is preparing to release her first new album, Glen Echo, since 2012's Year. The album's lead single, "Shooting Birds Out of the Sky", was released almost a year ago to much acclaim and found Azita bringing a funky, slowed down groove under her raw and honest lyrics.

She recently released the album's second single, "If U Die", which is accompanied by the video below. You can preorder Glen Echo, which will be released on March 5th via Drag City, here.


AZITA "Shooting Birds Out of The Sky"

AZITA has emerged with a new single, the first new music from her in eight years, via Drag City called "Shooting Birds Out of The Sky". The single is a relaxed, head nodding, R&B influenced track with a bubbling undercurrent of anxiety and stress making it a perfect song for the times we find ourselves in.

The line "Guess I’m/In a rough frame of mind/Can feel it crumbling about my eyes" unfortunately describes the mindset of many people at this time. The is ultimately about a relationship that is breaking apart, but clearly can be applied to the world at the same time.