Mope Grooves: The Waves

Mope Grooves released their third LP, The Waves, this past week. Listening to The Waves, you can’t help but feel as if you’re listening to the sort of Christmas music that would get made in a post-apocalyptic underground bunker. Which is to say, the music is disjointed and eerie, but still oddly cheerful. The album’s blend of new wave, lo-fi, and drone rock results in some delightfully gloomy, subtly jazzy tunes. “Repulsive Music”, one of the more upbeat songs, is the best example of this. The steady pace of the drums helps lead along the mellow notes emanating from the synth. Each word sung feels as if it is being teased out of the lead vocals. It's ideal for the slow and rainy days we have coming up ahead. 

The Waves can be purchased for 10 dollars on the band's Bandcamp, and 7 dollars if you are low-income, disabled, or not a cis white male. You can catch Mope Grooves next on November 6th at Polaris Hall, along with The Goon Sax and Honey Bucket

  -By Avril Carrillo


Post Punk

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The Glove

Holy Tunics Bring Jangle Pop to Alphaville tonight (10.18)

Last April, Brooklyn jangle rockers Holy Tunics put out their excellent debut LP entitled Butter Dish. On that album the four-piece breeze through ten tracks in a way that feels effortless, but never sloppy. Blending the warmth of college rock and the loose, airy melodies of more contemporary indie pop, Holy Tunics sound  familiar and fresh in a way that's reminiscent of bands like The Feelies, Real Estate, or even early R.E.M. On Butter Dish, some guitar parts are unambiguously twangy while others can veer into the more distorted direction of garage rock—but almost each track on this record is a real jam in its own right. You can catch Holy Tunics live on October 18th at Alphaville, where they’ll be playing alongside Your Dream Coat, Joy Cleaner, and Algebra II. - Sara Nuta


Debut Scotty EP Available for Streaming & Download

With an internal monologue that spills out in shimmering, experimental openers, Goodbye, the debut EP from Scotty, has arrived. Acoustic strums and off-kilter keys intermingle as a confessional quality emerges. Isolated observations, brightened by the morphing, instrumental backdrop, generate a zoomed in, but not closed off world. Balancing the stuck-in-your-own-thoughts familiarity with quirky twists, the album is both a place one’s seen, but never been.


New Track: "Song of Sweetness" - Potential Gospel

The trio of Kelsey Stewart, Andy Staszkiw, and Zack Sternwalker, a.k.a. Potential Gospel, recently shared a new single. "Song of Sweetness" emerges from the chill of morning with an enchanting folk-surf feel. It serves as an invitation to connect on a personal level with a dream-like/mythical ambiance. Take an affectionate stroll, and let the peripheral world temporarily wash away.