Debut The No. 1 Lovers EP Available for Streaming & Download

Delicate, heartfelt R&B-soul-folk is dispensed by The No. 1 Lovers on their new EP Lonesome Light. Cole Berggren (The Vernes) is aided by Reid Saw a Ghost bandmates Alexsander Lefkort & Reid Riegelsberger, as well as Matty Terrones (Neutral Shirt) and Alyssa Milman (Blushed) among others. There’s a sweet sincerity in the vocals, which is fed into by a calm, composed matriculation of the instrumentation. A laidback, purposeful ambiance, peppered with poignant exclamations of keys, horns, percussion, etc., cultivates a tight-knit, inviting sound.


Punk meets slacker rock in High Pony's latest LP (playing Alphaville 10.15)

After the release of full-length debut LP Seen A Change (2017), Brooklyn-based group High Pony speedily returned to the studio to produce a follow-up record, Nothing Here Is Mine, released June 8. Merging the intensity and speed of punk with their core slacker rock style, this band’s gritty sound expresses their refusal to be bound by classic pop structures. Both the title and substance of songs such as “Off to Kill Myself” and “Drooling with Rage” illustrate these guys’ commitment to the rebellious, unrestrained nature of their genres of choice. Funneling rampant vocals and distorted guitar noise into each of their tracks, High Pony welcomes the world’s heaviness, channeling classic punk constructs of loneliness and delirium into their gnarled screams and introverted lyrics. Catch them shredding live at NYC’s Alphaville on October 15


Slacker Rock/Lo-Fi

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Good Looking Friends
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Trans Pecos

New The Vernes LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

The Vernes' new full-length album, Maybe I'll Feel Better When I'm Dead, whimsically drifts with a loose, strolling sense of nostalgia. Produced by Joe Michelini (American Trappist, River City Extension), the songs maintain an ease, led by its caught-in-daydream crooning. However, that mesh of heartfelt yet carefree, twinkling lo-fi is capable of morphing and exhibiting a volatility. You can find The Vernes at Boot & Saddle on Thursday, October 11, as part of a lineup that also includes Peach Pit and Sun Seeker. (Photo by Crosby Clouse)


Post-punk trio Dead Tenants play Secret Project Robot 10.13

Dread, anxiety, and social discomfort permeate the discography of Dead Tenants, a Queens-based noise rock trio whose forthcoming full-length, LP II, drops 10.05. Their last effort, a 2016 split release with Brooklyn’s Drome entitled Ten Dead Ants / Peter Milk, is a scorched earth release in which lofi, acid soaked guitars hum and squeal, all the while barreling forward in an uneven percussive shuffle; occasional brief remises of calm are offered only in the form of spoken word verses, delivered in deadpan haze by frontman (and band namesake) Doug Tenant.

Dead Tenants bring a larger-than-life sound by way of their minimalist instrumental setup (a cut-and-dry guitar, bass, and drums), with LP II promising to deliver the same grandiose noise later this year - you can catch them at their album release show at Secret Project Robot on 10.13, joined by Kal Marks, Weeping Icon, Outside World, and other secret guests. - Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt), Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk