New Wild Love and The Slammy Slammies LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Chapter 1 (2nd Bounce), the new album from Wild Love and The Slammy Slammies, retains a rustic, folk-blues whimsy. Home-spun from the heart, a genuine affection and yearning echoes. A bedroom/campfire closeness holds one in its grasp, as the listeners gather round, and those bouncy, energetic notes of appreciation seep into the system, etching a personal significance. Allow these lo-fi recordings to sway you into a pleasant drift on this beautiful summer day.


New Track: "Bobby" (Live) - (Sandy) Alex G & Live Album Out Now via Third Man Records

(Sandy) Alex stopped by Third Man Records's Blue Room last fall for a performance. The live session has been memorialized on vinyl, which is out now via Jack White's Nashville label. Below is the beloved "Bobby," which originally appeared on his latest critically-acclaimed LP 2017's Rocket (Domino). Enjoy! (Photo by Jen Cray)


Krust Toons: "You Illiterate Cur!" by Tedd Hazard

Krust Toons: "You Illiterate Cur!" by Tedd Hazard - please feel free to drop him a line at if you dig or have any funny ideas. You can also check out more of his illustrations and animation shorts HERE.


New Bike Crash Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Sometimes a pleasant surprise is just the kind of lift one needs to shift the tides; the new album from garage-punk trio Bike Crash does just that. Joyful bursts of defiantly sung lyrics are coupled with a compact, casual, rumbling of noisy instrumentation. The band addresses pertinent, present-day, political problems, and infuses a playful dynamic in the process. Finding a balance addressing hard-hitting, societal issues and presenting that commentary in a fun, frenetic manner is no easy feat.


New Music Video: "(My Name Is) Planet 9" - Jo Kusy

Featured on his new EP Planet 9 Rhythms, Jo Kusy has also provided rad visuals for his single, “(My Name Is) Planet 9”. Saturated in shades of DayGlo, the song embodies a psych-dance mind meld. Locked into that house beat, there’s a loose, slightly odd element in the air, which reflects its creator. Kusy is slated to perform next in Philly this Sunday, June 24 at the Lucky 13 block party, and you will also be able to find him at Boot & Saddle on Saturday, July 14, along with Night Sins, The Warhawks, and Forever Chasing Honey Bees.