The Moody Tulips - "Snarky Baby" EP, Smiling Buddha on 01.27!

Just when you think Toronto can’t produce another stellar garage rock band here come The Moody Tulips. Less psych than a lot of the currently booming garage bands though. The Moody Tulips lean more towards the garage pop end of the spectrum with their catchy melodies and guitar licks. However they still keep the lo-fi dream alive. They released their debut record last month. “Snarky Baby” is a 6 song EP that’ll get you dancing and singing along to their fun jams. They play the Smiling Buddha on January 27th with Weakened Friends, Feels Fine and the Mooks. – Kris Gies



New Music Video: "Chazy" (Feat. Doug Hirlinger) - Jon Coyle

Later this month, Jon Coyle (of Son Step) will be releasing a new solo EP Happy Place, with the aim of raising proceeds for National Organization for Women. “Chazy” (featuring Doug Hirlinger) coerces a natural flow, establishing sonic swimming conditions. A loose, percussive foundation sends off an exploration, which is reeled in by the melody of cascading vocals.


New Track: "I Want You to Stay" - Michael Do

Floating in a feathery daydream, “I Want to Stay”, the debut single from Michael Do, gently coasts into the New Year. However, those cozy instrumental cushions are somewhat spoiled as a lyrically illustrated departure creates a crushing vacancy. Maybe it's best to close your eyes, and hope for just a little bit longer.


Goodie is the one-woman electric folk act to soothe your soul

Goodie (aka Phyllis Lee) is a breath of fresh air in the folk/songwriter scene. For one, the traditional acoustic guitar parts are all replaced with electric, and she's not afraid to try out slightly avant chord progressions and go all out with supporting drums and bass. There's a lightness to the songs, partly because the sparsity of the DIY arrangement, but there is genuine power and confidence in Lee's vocals. "Shopping Cart" is particularly ethereal and lyrically wise, with ghostly background vocals perched atop bass and drums, proving that Goodie is one to watch. -Geena Kloeppel


“No Dogs Allowed” is the delightful new album from Boston’s Sidney Gish

Since her first release in 2015, Sidney Gish has put out four full length albums, an undeniably impressive feat for a 20 year old undergrad student at Northeastern University. Her latest album, the delightful No Dogs Allowed, is every bit as charming as her previous releases, but with a noticeable edge up on production, a task that Gish undertook single handedly. At its core, No Dogs Allowed rivals the songwriting prowess of any (Sandy) Alex G record, and shines with its endearing, twee characteristics, reminiscent of a signature K Records release. Gish could surely make Calvin Johnson crack a smile. -Charley Ruddell