Harrison Lipton lays down soft disses on “2 Good 4 Me,” plays Mercury Lounge 12.12

New York alternative-R&B crooner Harrison Lipton returns with his latest slow jam, “2 Good 4 Me,” a song billed as the “world’s softest diss track.” Inspired by a less-than-positive public critique of Lipton’s 2018 single “Pool," Lipton, rather than going on the offensive, finds himself cooly turning inwards, examining facets of his persona, his personal journey with queerness, and his life as an artist in NYC. While the song’s primary narrative is rife with self-doubt and anger, its surface level vibe is as nonchalant as ever; easygoing 80s keyboards, Lipton’s distant vocal performance, and an Act 5 surprise sax solo layed down by Zach Berro exude radiant coolness. This combination of components both introspective and confident make “2 Good 4 Me” a resonating effort, a relatable tune for anyone who’s struggled to keep their composure in a world of constant criticism. Listen below, and catch Harrison Lipton at Mercury Lounge on December 12th. —Connor Beckett McInerney


Annie Hart to release second solo album, plays Union Pool on 12/13

Dreamy, introspective songwriter Annie Hart releases her sophomore solo album “A Softer Offering” this month, two years after her “Impossible Accomplice” debut. Already known as an innovative film composer and founding member of Lynchian synth-faves Au Revoir Simone, Hart continues to expand her body of work with this latest release. Opting for a more spacious, minimal sound, first single and video (streaming below) “Wilderness Hill” centers around a steady low note pulse and stark electric piano chords. With self -directed video footage shot in the songtitle referencing area of Margate, England combined with hometown Rockaway Beach imagery, Annie's hushed vocals match this early morning contemplative mood. Follow-up single “Don't Breathe For Me” employs singular held keyboard pads, angular electronic percussion and deep-twang melodies behind a raw vocal recitation on the need to move on. The whole album is a cohesive work that emphasizes the spaces inbetween our hectic lives, where our own thoughts are encouraged to mingle with the artists creations. The album is out in full on 12/13 with a release show that night at Union Pool. - Dave Cromwell


Sun Kin releases “IDKY” off forthcoming LP, Private Time

Oakland-based alt-pop artist Sun Kin just released the single “IDKY” off forthcoming LP Private Time. Kabir Kumar, the India-born artist behind the music, seeks to point out what he calls the “shallowness of algorithmic music selection” that we’re surrounded by. Kin creates bedroom pop songs heavy on the organs with earnest lyrical inflections. Says the track: “When it’s the date of the show/Just simply act like you know/It’s okay to be admired/And while you’re sharing your screen/You must pretend like you have seen/The confidence of a paycheck.” Where the song really shines is in the composition with special praise to those horns and percussion. The full LP is full of catchy soulful pop songs with special guests sprinkled throughout. Sun Kin releases Private Time on January 17th, where they’ll be playing The Starline Social Club. -Lucille Faulkner 

Photo: Ginger Fierstein



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Above & Beyond,
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New York Expo Center

Petrolane "All Day Long"

Petrolane has released a new single called “All Day Long”. This is an addictive blend of Hip Hop, Future Soul, and R&B. The producer has released a series of singles over the last year, and really shows no sign of slowing.