Chicago’s Tall Corn Music is releasing the latest effort from Brad Loving (aka Lobisomen) this February. As Lobisomen, Brad is free to explore the depths of electronic music. Combining influences as diverse African, South American, and Jamaican music with elements for hip hop and jazz, his new ep Brightest Solids is near global effort. It’s not surprising given his extended stays in Brazil, France, Japan, and Mali. However, when you listen closely you can hear heavy elements of thriving local improvisational music scene. Tall Corn is giving us a sneak peak at the ep which is scheduled for release on Feb. 23. Here is “Plasma Is For Lovers” (mp3).


Love Song For Buddy

Seeing Daytrotter post their new session with Headlights today reminded me that I had not shared their video for “Love Song For Buddy”. This animated gem was directed and Illustrated by Scott Marvel, and beautifully captures this gentle effort from the normally upbeat Southern Illinois band. The song appears on the band’s second album, Wildlife, which was released by Polyvinyl back in October. Headlights also announced tonight their spring tour with David Bazan that will bring them to DeKalb’s House Café on April 3rd.


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The creative process of an artistic hipster is a fascinating thing to watch. Seriously, Oreaganomics create more than just music and have posted a series of series they are calling “Atlas Drugged”. It’s an album filled with short compositions and uniquely made sounds.


Stale Champagne

When the album is released it will be a vinyl only release (Jan. 26th, Sophomore Lounge), but I still feel compelled to mention what my verision of this album looks like. A few weeks ago I was going through my mail and opened a package from State Champion. I looked inside and there was the spine of Michael Jordan’s I Can’t Accept Not Trying. Now it was close to Christmas, but why me and why Jordan’s tiny collection of thoughts? I pulled it out and found the guts of the book had been removed and in its place was a promo copy of Stale Champagne the new album from State Champion.

The album itself is almost as exciting as it’s unique packaging. A blend of southern twang, calculated Chicago rock, and a heavy dose of violin magic makes for an exciting and surprisingly warm album. It’s a lo-fi, heartfelt, and endearingly passionate garage-country. This, the bands debut album, proves that something original and unique can be built on a foundation of traditional ad known. Ryan Davis provides a steady swagger that could propel this band to bigger things in the year ahead.

Stale Champagne will be released on Jan. 26th, but you can celebrated the release on the 20th at Empty Bottle with Rabble Rabble, Phantom Family Halo, and Wishgift.