The Deli's Year End Best: Submissions Closed, 2nd phase starts in January

Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweethearts in Bands,

As usual, The Deli's Year End Poll (for emerging artists) will assign the cover of our Spring Issue 2010. The polling process is as complex as rocket science (if you want to try and get your head around it be our guest and go here).

The submissions for the open contest that will select minimum 3 artists for the next phase is now closed. We are currently receiving the jurors' votes. The next phase will be the readers' vote, which will start on January 3.

All the bands that submitted to our open contest were also added to our chart system for indie artists - which will get them some exposure in the future. 

Here we are taking a little bit of a holiday break - we'll still have some content up in the next few days, but not as much. We will see you back in early January - in the meantime Happy Holidays to you all!!

The Deli's Staff


BANDS: Submit Your Music for The Year End Best of Chicago 2009

Three nominees for our Year End Best of Chicago Poll will be chosen through an Open Contest (the others from a jury of local "scene makers").

Submit your music for The Deli's Best of Chicago Year End Poll
HERE by 12.23.2009. 

To be eligible your band needs to have music available online and have played live at least once in 2009 (and not to be signed to a major). By submitting, you will also add your band to our chart system, which will get you some exposure in the future.

The process we have implemented to choose the Best Emerging Chicago Artist of 2009 is a little complicated - if you are interested in knowing how it works please go here.

The Deli's Staff


The Deli's Year End Best of Chicago 2009 Poll Begins! Sponsors and Prizes

Musical peoples from Chicago and beyond,

A few weeks are left before the end of 2009, and the time has come for our end of year musical "summary". Yes, you got that right: The Deli's "Best of (emerging) Chicago 2009 Poll" is upon us!

This year we'll have an overall chart including the votes from Jury, Writers and Readers, and a Readers' charts including only the readers' votes.There will be other prizes in vouchers, software and studio time for all the top artists in both charts.

We have a lot to tell you about this, but as this poll couldn't happen without sponsors, we'll start by listing them all, and by thanking them for being part of this.

 Instructions about the poll coming soon!


BMI Shure


iZotope Amplitube Fender Sampletron T-Racks
providing a total of 18 audio plug in for the pool of prizes (9 iZotope, 9 IK Multimedia) 

Recording Studios
   Custom Band Tees
providing free recording for the pool of prizes

  Knack Mastering
providing free mastered songs for the pool of prizes 

If your company is interested in sponsoring "The Deli Year End Best of Poll" it's not too late! Just contact us here.

The Deli Staff 



Top 15 Chicago Songs of the Year: No. 9

The ninth entry on our Top 15 Chicago tracks of 2009 countdown is a fun song and video from the dynamic duo of Yea Big & Kid Static. The track "Bots" comes from their sophomore release The Future's Looking Grim.


IFD’s Christmas Tune

The Christmas tunes just keep rolling in from Chicago’s best, and what would Christmas be with the sounds of NES controllers and video games in the background. That’s right I am talking about our favorite comic book geeks and dragon fighters. I Fight Dragons has pull off a Nintendo charged cover of Fountains of Wayne’s song “Alien For Christmas”. I don’t know what else they would have covered, but a Christmas song about aliens.