Avery Springer of Retirement Party has begun writing and recording with Photographer Sarah Beidatsch, and the duo is called OPE. Yesterday they released their first single, “Pepperoni Palace”.


Skooda Chose "Mutant"

Local emcee Skooda Chose has teamed up with Cleveland-Based producer M. Stacks to release a new 8 track EP called “Mutant”. The EP has a throwback feel, and features a ton of great samples. My favorite track is “Karaoke” which features a great looping soul sample.


Volonte Noir

Volonté Noir (FKA Blvckwill) is the dark electronic, synth-filled recordings of musicians and visual artist Will Gee. He released a new EP called "Omens I" last month. Below is the video for the EP’s title track.


Nasty Snacks "Blowtorch"

Nasty Snacks have released a hot new single, “Blowtorch”, from their forthcoming self-titled debut album. Nasty Snacks is pure futuristic funk, and will be dropping that debut album on May 25th.

You can help Nasty Snacks celebrate the new LP on June 1st at Schubas with Bumpus.


Heather Styka Releases North

Heather Styka released her new album, North, today. This album is a journey in itself, being recorded last summer in a cabin in Wisconsin with the Denmark band The Sentimentals. Heather documented this process in the video below. The album is filled with folk, pop, and Americana, but most importantly wonderful storytelling. Heather's lyrics are filled with stories of personal and political change. 

You can help Heather celebrate her new album on June 2nd at Martyrs with Jess Robbins (also releasing a new album!).