oeugons are real

oeugons are real is primarily the math rock project from Tristian Zemtseff. He is preparing to release his debut full-length album, don’t hold anything, on September 7th.

Zemtseff has released the first two singles from the album, “a stone to cut the wings” and “watching”.

You can catch oeugons are real at The Store (2002 N. Halsted) on September 18th with Melazeen and Stutter. Proceeds from this benefit/album release be split between NAMI Chicago and The People’s Music.


Ideal Copy "33301"

Ideal Copy is warped Synth Pop of Jimmy Avgerinös. He will be releasing his debut album, 33101, on August 19th.

You can currently stream three of the album’s 12 tracks including our favorite the ominous “Bad Behavior”. The tracks have a retro feel, and underlying warmth that is compelling.


Mike Maimone “Roll Big River”

Mike Maimone (Mutts) has released the first single, “Roll Big River”, from his forthcoming solo EP, “The High Hat Club”. The EP will be self-released on September 14th, but can be pre-ordered now.

You can catch Mike Maimone on September 16th at Ravenswood ArtWalk.


Amir Tripp “Hardball “ Video

Amir Tripp released his latest album Pyro back in March, and it featured contributions from King Louie, Saba, and Trapo. One of the coolest aspects of this project is all of the original artwork by Makhai Foy, which has been complied into a a comic book.

Recently Tripp released a great video for the single “Hardball”.


Interview with nnin

Last month we stumbled upon a new album on bandcamp by an artist we had never heard before (or at least we think we’ve never heard before) called nnin. On “[re:Cover]” she has reimagined a collection of very well-know songs ranging from “Wicked Games” by Chris Isaac to “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus. On each song she takes a really unique approach and genuinely gives each song a new life.

We knew we had to write about the album, but in beginning that process we realized that we knew nothing about nnin. There were no links to social media or websites, no upcoming shows, no past releases, none of the information we typically share with our readers. However, there was the standard link to contact the artist that resides on all bandcamp pages. We clicked that link and here is the resulting interview with the mysterious nnin.