Gerrit Hatcher "Parables For The Tenor"

Tenor Saxophonist Gerrit Hatcher released his latest album, Parables For The Tenor, via Astral Spirits today, December 7th. This album, his second solo album, is just Hatcher and his sax over 6 tracks amplifying the amazing array of sounds both can produce.

You can catch Gerrit Hatcher with Angel Dat David, Julian Kirshner, and Peter Maunu at The Beat Kitchen on December 12th, and at Elastic Arts on January 10th as part of the trio Devouring the Guilt.



Para//el is an up and coming EDM producer, and he released his first single “Meraki” back in July. Since then he has released two addictive remixes, and is working on his follow-up single now.

Para//el is a part of the label ID & Ego Records and both are actively promoting great music in and around Chicago.


Lucille Furs "Another Land"

Lucille Furs have released the first single and title track, “Another Land”, from their forthcoming LP which is due out on February 15th via Requiem Pour Un Twister.

As the band has come to be known, this first single is airy Psych Pop that will transport you a California beach in the late ’60’s.


Topaz "Hint"

Topaz has released a third single, “Hint”, from his forthcoming album, High Society. This track has more of a classic crooner, feel reminiscent of a Dent May, while adding the electronic flare that Topaz has utilized in the previous singles.


Wounds "An Undead Awakening"

Wounds have released the first single, “An Undead Awakening”, from their forthcoming EP. This is the Progressive Death Metal of Rick Mora, Franco Caballero, Nate Burgard, and Neilus McHangusmengus, and the speed and aggression they play with is truly impressive.