Woongi “Not Sad Sequence”

Woongi has released a video for their latest single “Not Sad Sequence” from their forthcoming LP Rip’s Cut. The album will be available this Friday, May 10th via Sooper Records.

You can help Woongi celebrate the new album on May 13th at Empty Bottle with Liam Kazar and Blush Scars.

Photo by Natalie Escobedo


Bury Me In The Lights

Bury Me In The Lights recently announced that their next EP will be called “This Coma”, and will be released on June 7th. This is the legendary Punk band’s follow-up to their 2017 EP “Moments Between”.

As we await the release of the first single from the new EP we are registering to their 2017 EP and suggest you do the same. You will not be disappointed.

You can help Bury Me In The Lights celebrate the release on June 8th at BaseCamp Pub in Lisle with Bad Planning, The Burst & Bloom and Radar.


Sans Lorenzo “Lilacia Park”

Suburban Rock Trio Sans Lorenzo have released a new single called “Lilacia Park”. This is the work of the trio of Dan Couture (Guitar, Vocals), Kevin Graf (Lead Drums), and Nate Brown (Bass Guitar), and this single has just enough vintage Dinosaur Jr. element to have us loving it.


Plastic Cameras

Plastic Cameras is a mysterious new ambient music project and they released their debut album, Soundtrack For Super 8, last month. This is a collection of field recordings, electronics and tape loops to create something experimental, beautiful, and unique.


Snooze "Familiaris"

Math Rockers Snooze released their latest album, Familiaris, last week. The group blends Math Rock with elements of Punk and Hardcore to create an inventive and addictive sound.

You can catch Snooze on May 17th at HVAC Pub with Man Cub, Moother Goose, and ZØRILA.