Stardusk Encounter

Stardusk Encounter recently released their latest EP, #perceptionmanagement. This is a blend of Garage Rock and Psych Rock spread across seven tracks. The album as a whole deals with impact advertising and social media is having on our every day lives.

Stardusk Encounter is the work Robbie Rob, John John,, Rob Paz, and Joel.


The O'My's "Pudding" w/ Saba

The O’My’s have announced the release date of their new album, Tomorrow, and it will be dropping September 7th via Haight Brand. The duo of Maceo Vidal-Haymes on vocals and guitar and Nick Hennessy on keys also released a new single from the project called “Puddle” which features Saba.


Lord Snow

DIY Screamo trio Lord Snow has released a split cassette single with Le·Mat from Monterrey, Mexico. The trio of Steph Maldonado, Niko Zagalaras, and Erik Anderson formed in Chicago in 2011, but now, lead singer and bass player, Steph is the only one still based here. In a recent post on Tumblr Niko said the band is hoping to release a new LP, but this distance makes the process difficult.

The band has two tracks on this release, "el espíritu de la colmena” or The Spirit of the Hive and "moloko vellocet”. One song is in Spanish and one is not, but both songs are sonically explosive. You can truly feeling passion of Steph as she screams “Take your hands off my past/You can not redefine my story” in Spanish.

Lord Snow is currently touring Mexico with Le·Mat in support of the new split single.


Ze'ev "GTP"

Ze’ev has released the first single, “Black Physical Therapy" from their forthcoming album “GTP” which will be released on August 24th. The track features contributions from Mykele Deville, who signed to No Trend Records this week, and Eric Novak on Sax.

Ze’ev is the experimental trio of Cedric Casimier, Shelton Flagg, and Zack Caputo. “GTP” is the follow-up to their 2016 debut album “Kismet”.


PK Flyer Covers Mr. Rogers

PK Flyer is the solo project of Paul Karner (Ragged Claws), but on his latest project he enlisted some talented friends including Seth Vanek (Roommate), Andrew Trim (Hanami), Aaron Mitter, Stuart Seale, Amy Myers, and Doug Rosenberg.

His new project is an EP called “Please Don’t Think It’s Funny” and is a collection of four Mr. Rogers covers. This EP is timed perfectly with the current documentary of Fred Rogers and is performed with the genuine sincerity that they deserve. This is Karner’s first release since 2015’s collaboration with DH Currier.

You can help PK Flyer pay tribute to Mr. Rogers on August 15th at The Whistler.