Mxrxll "Dream 22"

Mxrxll is project of producer and guitarist Brennan Morell. Yesterday, Mxrxll released a new EP called “Dream 22”, and it is stunningly beautiful. Over the four tracks on the EP, he combines hip hop, EDM, and ambient music with sampled vocals. The result is a debut that needs to be heard.


Programmable Animal @ Underground Lounge (6/9)

Programmable Animal is the dark industrial duo of Anthony Wonaitis and Thoney K. Castillo. They just released their debut full-length album, End of the Tail. Below is the video for LP’s lead single, “Pinhead”.

You can help Programmable Animal celebrate the album at Underground Lounge on June 9th with Traumabond and Lorelei Dreaming.


Bodega is on the cover of the 54th issue of The Deli NYC!

If there's a turn of phrase we kind of detest here at The Deli is "taking the scene by storm." It's one of those generic prefab sentences that ring insincere. But then again, sometimes, some bands do that - kind of rare, but it happens, right? And sometimes, on a hot day like today, being lazy is kind of inevitable. So... yes! Brooklyn's Bodega are taking the NYC scene by storm with their blend of post-punk and pop and their super-fun live shows. That, and their somewhat familiar name, are the main reasons why they are on the cover of the new, spring 2018 issue of The Deli! 

The issue, our 54th NYC one, is now up online and you can read it here.

It's an issue linked to the biggest event for musicians we've ever organized, which will host a Stompbox Exhibit, a Synth Expo and a Vintage Guitar Exchange in a Bushwick art gallery called Absurd Conclave - hope to see you there!

The Folks at The Deli NYC


Elk Walking "Ride The Tide"

Elk Walking released a new single last week called “Ride The Tide”. This is the band’s first release since their 2017 LP, Between Us.

You can catch Elk Walking on July 8th at Uncommon Ground with The Pinkerton Raid.

Photo by Catalina Florea



Claude (F.K.A. Clau Veux) is the etherial dream-pop of Claudia Ferme. She released her latest EP, “Enactor”, back on May 25th via Just For You Records in Indianapolis.

Below is the video her EP’s title track, “Enactor”, which was directed by CJ Lamborn.