Retirement Party "Runaway Dog"

Retirement Party recently released their latest album, Runaway Dog. This is the first new music from the trio of Avery Springer, James Ringness, and Eddy Rodriguez since their highly acclaimed 2018 album, Somewhat Literate.

The album feature's the band's two most recent singles, "Compensation" and "Runaway Dog", and both video's are below.


Double Identity "Your Anything"

Twin Sister duo Double Identity has released their latest single "Your Anything". This is Indie Rock of Courtney and Arden Kurhayez, and this single is their second since the release of their 2018 debut EP, "Small Talk".


Pelican "B​-​Sides and Other Rarities"

Instrumental Post-Metal group Pelican has released a collection of rarities, B-Sides, and live recordings. This was compiled and released with express intention of supporting Color of Change.

This is the work of Trevor Shelley de Brauw, Bryan Herweg, Larry Herweg, and Dallas Thomas.


Sun Beard "Little Bird"

Sun Beard has released the first single, "Little Bird", from their forthcoming EP, "Honey In Da Pine".

This is the Folk-based Psych Rock of Janis Wallin on bass (Family Groove Company), Scott Tipping on guitar (Backyard Tire Fire, Cornmeal), and Jonathan Reed on drums (Old Shoe), along with original founder Matt Robinson.


Midnight Dice "Hypnotized"

Midnight Dice have released their latest album, Hypnotized. The blistering five song collection is set to see physical release via Underground Power Records/Hoove Child Records this Fall but is currently on spotify and bandcamp.

This is the work of Patrick "Rusty" Glockle, Mandy Martillo, Steve "Lethal" Beaudette, and Jose Salazar.