Joy Rides

An underground rock icon and revered artist, the late, great Wesley Willis attracted and offended people the world over. Wesley Willis’s Joy Rides follows the life of the prolific and controversial artist on his journey from obscurity to fame. On December 8th, this film, which won the Gold Hugo for the Chicago Award at the 2008 Chicago International Film Festival, will be released on DVD by Eyeosaur and MVD Visual. His story is inspiring and illustrates how though determination we can overcome almost anything. Wesley Willis became an underground rock icon, revered artist and hero to many before his untimely death in 2003. Termed by some as an “outsider artist” due to his schizophrenia, the film examines Wesley’s ability to draw people in despite his intimidating facade.

A free screening on Joy Rides is taking place on Dec. 6th at Empty Bottle at 7pm.



WTF happened to the fun loving group that ditched our fair city for the hills of L.A. not that long ago. The new video from Ok Go is interesting, but song leaves me asking the same question that the title alludes to.


Drumming For Pistols

The UK’s Fire Records recently announced this week that they will releasing the latest album from the mysterious husband and wife duo Puerto Muerto. Drumming For Pistols, the follow up to 2008’s sparsely elegant I Was A Swallow, will arrive in February 2010. The album is dark, complex, bilingual, and clearly crafted with care. Their sound is truly unique when compared to others in Chicago, it is stripped down, raw, untamed, and at its core sensual. This Spring, Puerto Muerto will tour with a full band in North America and as a duo across Europe.


SYGC and AM Taxi Get Fed


I try to eat healthy, but my weakness it Taco Bell. There is nothing more satisfying than a 7 layer burrito and an order of cheesy fiesta potatoes. Well, hopefully the folks in Scotland Yard Gospel Choir and Am Taxi feel the same way. Both local bands were among the 100 “up-and-coming rock acts” that were awarded $500 in Taco Bell Bucks. More than just free food, bands also receive important marketing support for their music. This is part of Taco Bell’s Feed the Beat program, and music fans will be able to discover each Feed the Beat band on Taco Bell’s Virtual Music Festival Web site. The site showcases their music and exclusive content created for the site. Once there, fans can listen to bands they know or discover new tunes as they stream music via the Feed the Beat Music Player. If they discover a band they like and want to purchase music, they are directed to the band’s Web site where they can purchase the song. It’s a great program, and has helped me decide where I’ll be having dinner!



Where Did All My People Go

The Prairie Cartel’s new album was released yesterday and here is a visual treat to go with Hey Champ’s remix of “Cracktown”. Also enjoy the mp3 of Bright Light’s remix of “No Light Escape”, and order your copy of Where Did All My People Go here.