Molly Compton "Please Don't Show My Mom This"

Singer/Songwriter Molly Compton has released her debut album, Please Don't Show My Mom This. This is primarily just Molly's powerful voice and a banjo, but on the album's opening/title track she plugs in and unleashes both lyrically and sonically.


Francis, & Her Fawn

Francis, & Her Fawn has released the first two tracks, "Eyes & Ears" and "Hotel", from his forthcoming debut full-length album, I Wrote You A Letter Today, which is due out on February 26th.

The most recent single, "Hotel", was just released this week as part of an impressive 32 songs winter compilation from the Slovakian indie label Z Tapes.


Claude "Everything's Great"

Claude has released the second single, "Everything's Great", from her forthcoming EP "Enactor" which is due out on February 12th. The EP's first single is called "Screen" and was released last month along side the video below.

The EP features contributions from Mat Roberts (drums), Michael Mac, Katelyn Cohen, Max Beckman, and Jordan Tate.


Gold Haze "From Here On Out"

Gold Haze was highly prolific in 2020, releasing three albums, and is gearing up to release his next project, From Here On Out, on February 12th. The first two singles, "Follies" and "On My Way/Jodeci", are out now, and "Follies" is accompanied by the slightly NSFW video below.

Haze blends elements hip hop and R&B over his own sophisticated production.


Abel "Cuando"

Abel (aka Abel Guzman) has released his first single of 2021, "Cuando". Last year the Pop artist released series of singles and this is his 8th since he began releasing music in 2019.

The single is accompanied by a video of Abel performing "Cuando" live which can be viewed below.