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Jet Setting release new alt-rock single "Come Around"

Alt-rock trio Jet Setting have kept themselves quite busy throughout this past year; since picking up their instruments in the spring, they've played several local shows and have released two explosive singles. Now the group have dropped their latest track, a string-back spitting five minutes of heartbreak and desperation called "Come Around". Behind Zach, John, and lyricist Logan -- the members of Jet Setting -- play a trio of Dayna Osan on violin and viola, Natalie Mays on cello, and Kris Luis on double bass. In non-release related news, the band have just launched their website, and although they have no tour dates scheduled for the time being right now, you'll find show listings there in the future. Take a listen to "Come Around" now. - Will Sisskind


Taco Mouth releases "A Deafening Silence" EP on 10.26 at The 5 Spot

The world needs bands with brilliant names, so thank goodness for Taco Mouth, who will release their new EP A Deafening Silence on October 26th at The 5 Spot. Taco Mouth formed in late 2017 as the brainchild of Erica Sellers and Angie Lese, two friends who started playing music together as CatFight in Louisville in the early 2010s. Nashville indie vets may know Sellers and Lese from The Dead Deads, the spiritual predecessor to Taco Mouth. Their music still sears eardrums with its punk inspiration; they seek to create songs that would've captivated audiences at CBGB or the Troubadour back in the underground's first golden age. Watch the video for Taco Mouth's first single "You Say" below, and catch the release party for A Deafening Silence on October 26th. - Will Sisskind


Lauren Morrow releases debut EP; plays Bluebird Cafe 10.16

On October 12th, Nashville folk-country singer-songwriter Lauren Morrow released her debut self-titled EP at a show at The Basement East. The new EP marks Morrow's first as a solo artist, having split off from The Whiskey Gentry last year. This record compiles a handful of songs ranging from chronicles about family ("Viki Lynn") to a missing grandmother ("Barbara Jean") to getting psyched up over an episode of Mad Men ("I Don't Think About You At All"). Morrow will perform songs from the record at her upcoming show at The Bluebird Cafe on October 16th, as well as at 3rd and Lindsey on October 28th for Lightning 100's Nashville Sunday Night. For now, watch Morrow and her band perform "Viki Lynn" on Today in Nashville below. - Will Sisskind


Airpark release left-coast inspired "Devotion" single

Airpark released a new single called "Devotion" on October 12th, previewing what's to come on their upcoming EP Songs of Airpark. "Devotion" was one of the first songs the indie folk brother duo recorded in Denver during sessions for the EP, which is being produced by Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley of the synth-pop group Tennis. It embodies a sunny vibe that speaks more to July than October, but that comes from the more left-coast inspired sound, where it feels like July almost all the time. The EP will include songs that have the sound you'll hear on "Devotion", with the general theme centered on "confronting and overcoming confict". That record will drop early next year; for now, take a listen to "Devotion" below. - Will Sisskind