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Dust Biters "Guilt"

Alt Metal quartet Dust Biters are preparing to release their latest album, Guilt, on August 16th. The group recently the album's latest singles "Progeny" and "Lushed Up".

This is the work of Nick Kinsley, Nick Miller, Bryan Fonseca, and Tommy R van Arsdale.

You can catch Dust Biters at Kuma's Corner on August 6th and Liar's Club on August 14th with Eighties Slang and Nystrodamus.


Cordoba "In Hell"

Jazz Fusion Sextet Cordoba has released a new single called "In Hell". This is the group's second single, following February's "Not My Own", since the release of their 2020 album, Specter.

Cordoba is the work of Brianna Tong, Eric Novak, Cam Cunningham, Zach Bain-Selbo, Khalyle Hagood, and Zach Upton-Davis.


Digital Leather "Tales from the King"

Digital Leather (aka Shawn Foree) has released a new album called Tales of the King. This is the first new music from Foree since the release of New Wave Gold back in 2020.

You can catch Digital Leather at Liar's Club on August 17th with Lever and Whippets.


Red Scarves "DKHTBA"

Alt Rock quartet Red Scarves have released a new single, their first since 2019's Annuals, called "DKHTBA".

This is the work of Robby Kuntz (lead vocal, drums, piano), Braden Poole (guitar, vocals), Ayethaw Tun (guitar, vocals), and Ryan Donlin (bass, piano scratches, vocals)

The single proves that impressive art can be found in some our darkest moments.


Pete Cautious "Love Won't Pay The Bills"

Pete Cautious has released the first single, "Love Won't Pay The Bills", from his upcoming album, Garden of the Gods.

This is near perfect Lo-Fi bedroom pop and the first new music from Pete Cautious since the release of his 2020 album Florida Man.